Annual Symposium

January 23, 2020 / Columbus, OH

Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center
100 Green Meadows Drive, Lewis Center, OH 43035

6:45am Registration
7:15am - 8:15amManaging Healthcare Holistically
(Grand Ballroom)
Julayna Meyer, RPh, Senior Vice President, Director of Pharmacy, Excelsior Solutions
When organizations integrate data and employ all available levers across healthcare channels, they identify cost mitigation strategies, optimize healthcare spend, and most importantly, promote improved outcomes.

Benefits administration and design, case/disease management, network optimization, specialty drugs across medical and pharmacy benefits, and value-based/outcomes contracting are all levers at the employer’s command. This presentation will detail those areas that are not being managed effectively and the impact on members and plans. Further discussion will involve success stories and examples, including how opportunities are identified, key players involved, and steps to implementing mitigation strategies to achieve optimal outcomes.

Essential Principles to Optimize Pharmacy Benefits
Dustin Pollastro, PharmD, Pharmacy Management Consultant, Milliman & Scott McEachern, Consulting Actuary, Milliman
This presentation will provide an overview of best practices for maintaining a strong pharmacy benefit program. Attendees will learn key strategies, tools and methods to identify actionable cost-containment tactics and to evaluate, monitor, and improve clinical outcomes and employee wellbeing. In addition, the formulary creation and drug approval process will be de-mystified as employers will learn how to find common ground with PBMs to optimize pharmacy benefit programs.
8:15am - 8:30amNetworking Breakfast
(Grand Ballroom Foyer)
8:30am - 8:45amHealth Action Council Updates & Remarks
(Grand Ballroom)
Patty Starr, President & CEO, Health Action Council
8:45am - 9:45amKeynote: Mission-Driven Leadership - My Journey as a Radical Capitalist
(Grand Ballroom)
Mark Bertolini, Former CEO, Aetna
Sponsored by OptumRx
During his tenure as CEO of Aetna, Mark Bertolini proved that when corporate leadership is inspired to invest in its employees, it could drive a higher level of customer service while delivering a 629% shareholder return over the course of eight years. His philosophy of “Mission-Driven Leadership” speaks to the powerful life lessons he’s learned about empathy, helping employees and Aetna's customers take better care of themselves and each other; about the need to "find the divine in me," and the importance of getting out to meet with employees, customers, and the public face-to-face in town halls to truly discover their needs and better serve them.
9:45am - 10:05amNetworking Break
(Grand Ballroom Foyer)
Sponsored by Aetna
10:05am - 11:05amNever Launch Another Dud: Ensure Your Health Programs Actually Improve Health
(Grand Ballroom)
Kendall Ramirez, Chief Experience Officer, Naturally Slim Inc.
Wellness programs are not created equal and many don’t work at all. As a result, it's essential to first find out what truly matters to your organization before you can design and implement a successful health improvement strategy. Learn how to maximize employee health by choosing and implementing the right programs. You'll walk away with ideas, tips, and tools to ensure you never launch another 'dud' program again.

The High Cost of Financially Fragile Employees
Keith Soranno, VP of Sales, MyChoice Accounts, Businessolver
Despite the strong economy, many American workers are still struggling financially. If faced with a large unexpected expense, 42% of employees would go into debt, dip into their retirement savings, or simply not know what to do.

Financially stressed employees spend hours at work worrying about money and are twice as likely to miss work because of it. This presentation will discuss a variety of promising solutions and best practices for using the data in your HR systems and a well-constructed employee survey to help you discover what’s keeping your employees up at night.
11:05am - 11:10amBrief Stretch Break
11:10am - 12:10pmThe Mental Health Moment
(Grand Ballroom)
Craig Kramer, Mental Health Ambassador, Johnson & Johnson
We are facing a staggering mental health crisis that impacts every person, family, and business. This presentation will highlight how one employer, Johnson & Johnson, is working to transform mental health for the estimated 50% of us who live with mental illness, either as patients or caregivers. Workplace, community, advocacy, research, and marketplace strategies will be described. The goal of these approaches is to prepare each of us and our organizations to be a leader in an era that has been called “the mental health moment."
12:10pm - 1:20pmNetworking Lunch
(North Point Ballroom)
Sponsored by Benefits Express

Healthy Ohio Lunch
(North Point Ballroom)
Sponsored by Ohio Health
1:20pm - 2:20pmCreating a Culture of Health Panel
(Grand Ballroom)
Christine Polisena, Area Vice President, Gallagher; Karen Mueller, Executive Vice President & Partner, Horan; Michael DiPrienda, Director, Client & Engagement, Cigna
Now more than ever, employers are motivated to create a culture of health in the workplace; one that holistically enables all of those within our diverse populations to lead healthier lives. As the environment that we live and work in has a significant impact on our health, employers are in a unique position to control that environment as they would for safety and quality. In this TED-styled presentation, attendees will better understand the journey from wellness to well-being and take away strategies to impact the culture of health in your organization.
2:20pm - 2:35pmNetworking Break
(Grand Ballroom Foyer)
2:35pm - 3:35pmHealthcare Policy Update
(Grand Ballroom)
James A. Klein, President, American Benefits Council
The political alignment in Congress and the Executive Branch officials overseeing health policy will have a substantial impact on healthcare policy over the next two years. This session will examine the health policy objectives of both parties in Congress regarding the future of the Affordable Care Act, insurance exchanges, wellness programs, employer reporting requirements, and more.
3:35pmWrap Up