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2024 In-Value-Able Conference & Expo

Virtual: January 25, 2024 | In Person: February 20-21, 2024

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
300 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113

The 2024 In-Value-Able Conference brings together innovative, provocative, and inspired speakers in the healthcare benefits world.  These speakers want to drive conversation, create thought leadership and motivate action.

Thought Leadership

Speaking at the 2024 In-Value-Able Conference allows individuals to establish themselves as thought leaders in the field. By sharing their expertise, insights, and experiences with the audience, speakers can enhance their reputation and credibility among industry peers, potential clients, and other stakeholders.

Knowledge Sharing

We are providing a platform to impart knowledge and educate attendees about important topics and emerging trends in the health benefits landscape. This ensures our audience stays informed about the latest industry advancements.

Networking Opportunities

There are a diverse group of attendees, including industry professionals, decision-makers, and experts. This provides speakers with valuable networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, establish new relationships, and potentially explore collaborative or business partnerships.

Brand Exposure

Our conference offers speakers an opportunity to increase their personal and professional brand exposure. By delivering a compelling presentation, speakers can showcase their expertise and expand their reach to a broader audience.

Lead Generation

As a speaker, individuals have the chance to connect with attendees who are interested in the topic they are presenting, leading to valuable leads and potential clients who are impressed by the speaker’s knowledge and insights.

Influence & Impact

By being a part of this nationally recognized conference, you can make a significant impact on the industry. By presenting innovative ideas, sharing best practices, or discussing critical issues, you can shape the conversation, influence decision-makers, and drive positive change in the health benefits sector.

Presentation Requirements

  • The presentation must be educational in nature. We provide continuing education credits to the attendees and these credits stipulate that the talks cannot be focused on sales of a particular company.

  • No company, vendor, or individual business pitches.

  • Topics and presentations will be selected without author information so that they are evaluated based on content and quality only.

  • Speakers selected must be able to present virtually (if chosen for January 25 virtual day) or in-person (if chosen for February 20-21 in person days).

  • Preference will be given to new, cutting edge, thought leadership, and unique approaches to topics.

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